Our CD "Coulrophobia" is available for download from iTunes or by mail order from
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Legend Records
1315 Wellington Street
ON K1Y 3B1
(613) 596 5766

Compact Music (Glebe store)
785 Bank Street
ON K1S 3V5
(613) 233 8922

Funk Your Junk
110 Parent Street at Murray
ON K1N 7B4

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It's a very fine line between control and chaos and those who can consistently
operate close to or on the line are considered geniuses whatever their discipline.
Those who rush at the line or cross it are considered at best idiots and at worst,

My Tiny Circus is no stranger to the line, we flirt with the line and then, when
the line is suitably smitten, we slyly carress it. Sometimes the line responds and
sometimes our affections are spurned. It is a fickle line and we are inexperienced
lovers. If sometimes we cross the line, it's only because we want to see what it
looks like from the other side and are prepared for the consequences of our
curiosity. Are we idiots or geniuses ? Neither...or possibly both.

My Tiny Circus, The idiot savants of Ottawa's LoungeCore scene (Possibly we are
Ottawa's LoungeCore scene...if you know different please tell us - Perhaps we can
double date), sing songs about Satan, sin, sex, stalking and alliteration in a
breezy lounge-pop style. We vary between a five piece and a twelve piece band
because, when you're working this close to the line, from whichever side, there's
safety in numbers.

The band that the Ottawa Citizen called "The sound of sweet subversion" and of
whom Upfront Ottawa magazine advised you to "Set your ass to sway" - My Tiny
Circus sounds like the bastard love child of Gilberto Gil and Insane Clown Posse
mewling and puking into a strong headwind.

You, dear internet trawler, are surely imaginative enough to know what the
outcome of that bizarre coupling would be and so for us to further explain would
be pointless.

If you really want to know what we sound like then come and see us live IF YOU
DARE !!! .....and if you happen to live conveniently close to Ottawa, have nothing
better to do on a Saturday night and have five bucks burning a hole in your
pocket. It'll be the best evening of Anarcho-LoungeCore you'll ever attend.
My Tiny Circus will be playing in Ottawa on 27th August. Where ? It's a
secret. Will this make it difficult to attend ? Yes. Why did we think this was a
good idea ? I really don't know.
My Tiny Circus